Full Intervention

It has been a while now and I have been inspired to introduce a new way to work with people, putting together a system where verbal intervention combines with energetic work. In this case, it would be more precise to say, the intervention will work on all planes, intellectual (mental), emotional, physical and off course energetic (spiritual), together on a deeper level.

It is a way of combining life coaching and energy practices such as Reiki, Pellowah and Om Healing.

In this way these intervention sessions will achieve more complete, effective and advantageous results for personal development, with the ability to reach far beyond the concept of energy healing and life coaching on their own. Verbal Intervention is a conversation based on personal life events that may have provoked an emotional blockage that can be removed by applying practical physiological strategies.

The sessions will be structured as follows:

1 h of Intervention on a Emotional and Mental plane based on a verbal interaction where we focus on the localization of the roots of the blockages and focus on solutions, shifting thoughts and Emotions to achieve effective results;

1 h of Energy Healing Practice based on Reiki or Pellowah, on demand or by recommendation, where we focus on replenishing the energies and discovering new resources.

(wherever the verbal interaction would require less than 1h, the remaining time will be integrated in the energy healing practice so you don’t loose the value).

Investment: $150

Together with this new practice I also maintain the regular focus predominately on Energy Healing such as Reiki and Pellowah (click on the links for more information).

Off course not to be forgotten the Om Healing group session every second Thursday. (Click here).


Hope to hear from you for bookings or enquires at ominsieme@gmail.com or by phone at 0481082721 you can also look at our Testimonials .

All the best


Founder and practitioner at OM-i