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“Giampietro is one of the most creative and original thinkers I know. His courses are full of fun and good energy and attending them you always pick up new insights and ideas – even as an experienced practitioner. I’d definitely recommend his work to others.”

Jeremy O’Carroll – Founder and Director of the Om Reiki Centre, Author of Full Speed


  • Pellowah Level 1 & 2 course – 17th/18th June at 10am to 5pm (375 Euros; Turin, Italy)
  • Pellowah Level 1 & 2 course – 1st/8th July at 9am to 5pm (325 GBP; London, UK)

Om-i specializes energy healing disciplines such as Reiki, Pellowah and Om Sound Meditation. We also provide private one-on-one or group meditation sessions for beginners on request and run our unique “Dragon Energy and Applied Breakthrough Meditation course”.

We love to empower people! We love to share methods and techniques that empowers you!

All our work tends to intervene on  emotions, thoughts, actions, choices and overall energy in order to exchange disempowering patterns and behaviours with more effective constructive and comfortable ones.

Shifting one of those  above elements, creating new neuron-pathways in the brain,conditioning your neutron-associations,working on your focus and physiology, it is possible for you to be in control of your reality and being able to attract more positive things into life.

Working on one or more of these planes such as: physical, intellectual(mental), emotional, energetic(spiritual) is possible to be the change you want to see in yourself.

All our practices can help you find new force to walk through life’s circumstances, helping to transform obstacles and difficulties in possibilities. We see the possibility for you to work and learn from your own experiences to discover your strength manifesting change instantly. Referring to a variety of tools, techniques, disciplines together with personal will, you can truly discover a new side of yourself being in balance with the energies within and around you to be protagonist of your own journey which leads to self discovery, self development, mindfulness, joy and well being.

With methods like Reiki, Pellowah and Om Sound Meditation  you have the possibility to find  solutions to your  discomforts, these could be things like a headache, a panic attack or a situation at work.

Having a mindful, balanced and peaceful mind is optimal to be able to recognize the place you are at and act effectively.Working on your blueprint you will be able to create quality behaviours  making better choices and greatly contributing to your and others life experience.you will be able to propel the power of manifestation as well as the law of attraction in a more composed and positive way.”

Through the practice of these healing methods:

*Om Healing Meditation

or participating to:


 it is possible to restore balance in your mind so you can overcome mind loops, and be free from manifestations which cause disorientation and side effects such as restlessness, anxiety, lack of concentration, lack of self confidence, sometimes muscular and joint pain as well as headaches and stomachaches. It is also easier to deal with all sort of other uncomfortable habits such as smoking, excessive drinking or eating if you suffer from them.

You can happily replace them with, relaxation, calmness, focus, self acceptance, clarity, determination and a positive can do attitude.

Reiki, Pellowah and Om Sound Meditation are 100% effective in increasing meditative abilities and thus restoring a deep connection with your true self.

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*Distance healing sessions and home visits available by arrangement.

If you think an energy healing session will help you then contact us  for a booking now!
We have a Satisfaction Guarantee System.

This means that if you are not satisfied with the treatment we will refund the full amount.
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e-mail: ominsieme@gmail.com

Blessings to all!

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